Saturday, 29 November 2014

Busta Rhymes Bloody After Falling Off Stage In NYC

Last night, Busta Rhymes made a special
appearance at NYC’s Webster Hall in support of his
artist O.T. Genasis , whose smash hit “Coco” is
climbing the charts and being added to radio
playlists. Known for his highly energetic sets,
Bussa Buss hit the stage alongside the newcomer
and proceed to turn things up as only he could. In
full “Coco” mode, he began a Nirvana-esque head
bang that led to him falling off the stage.
Though TMZ reported that he stage dove, he
clearly lost his footing and fell face first into the
crowd. He emerged from the crowd with a huge
bloody gash across his forehead, along with cigar
still in mouth. Busta was taken backstage and
received medical attention before remerging on
stage. Be careful next time Boss!


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