Friday, 28 November 2014

“How Linda Ikeji Makes Millions Blogging” – [YES Magazine Interview]

YES International Magazine recently interviewed
popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji on her blog. In
the interview titled “How I Make Millions from
Blogging” Linda Ikeji talks about her passion for
blogging, what she thinks has enabled her blog
become popular and much more. Check out
excerpts below.
When you started your blogging business, what goal
did you set for yourself?
I didn’t set any goal. I just started the blog out of my
passion for it. I made it my hobby. You know, while
growing up, I wanted to be a journalist, but I wasn’t
successful. I see blogging as a close substitute for
journalism, which was my dream job. I just love
meeting people, reading their stories, interviews
and the rest. I never knew that four years later
people will begging to pay for what I enjoy doing. I
never thought that I will be making millions from
blogging, but I thank God that what I enjoy doing is
now making millions for me.
What should someone do to be a successful
You have to love blogging. You can’t say I want to
blog because I want to make money. It takes a
stepping stone to get there. There are over a
thousand blogs like I said, but what will make
people enjoy visiting your blog depends on the
efforts you put into it. So, be passionate about it, be
consistent, don’t blog once or twice in a week, blog
everyday if you can, enjoy it, and love it. Don’t be
anonymous when it comes to blogging. People find
it easy to relate more to people they know. For
example, if you are, people do not
know who is behind it, so their response will not be
felt. If you use your name, it commands credibility
and acceptance. Like I use my name, I use my
pictures, I talk about my intimate secrets at times
and it has really helped me to a very large extent.
People wish to have my numbers, BB pin and
everyone wants to be my friend. So, find what you
can do easily and you enjoy doing. That was what I
did for the first four years that I started the blog
before I began to make money.
Tell us your success secret…
It’s God. You see, when God is ready for you, it is
your turn. I have hustled for many years now, I
don’t hustle any more. I have worked very, very
hard and remain persistent in what I do. From being
a model until I found my way into blogging. It has
been the combination of God’s favour and hard
What is your current hit per day?
I am number 26 in Nigeria as a whole. Others are
The Sun, Vanguard, The Punch, GTBank, UBA and
so on. I’m actually the first in entertainment in
Nigeria. I’m like number 8,000 in the world and that
is a very big achievement. I used to have about
50,000 hits per day! Just because I do it all alone.
So, when I get people who are ready to work with
me, I’m sure it’s going to get to 100,000.
For many youths who wish to be like Linda Ikeji,
what do you think they should do?
First and foremost, they have to find what they are
good at, their talent; work hard on your talent, be
patient, because for you to succeed in life, you need
patience which a lot of people don’t have. They
want quick money and success, but lasting
success does take time. They also have to be very


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