Wednesday, 3 December 2014


It can be a confusing time for you if you suspect
your spouse of cheating, but the important thing to
remember is to keep calm and level headed.
Obviously, your significant other is probably not
going to be honest if you question them about your
suspicions, so you may have to do some detective
work for yourself. Unfortunately, we do a lot of
infidelity and adultery investigations here at
Absolute, so we know some things to look out for.
Change in Behavior at Home
If you notice your wife or husband acting strangely
or different than he or she normally does around the
house this may be something to look into. Their
normal dress, hygiene, schedule, and even diet may
change if they are trying to impress someone
besides you.  This doesn’t mean that if your
husband or wife starts using new toothpaste they
are cheating, it’s usually the more drastic changes
that you should worry about, like a new wardrobe
for no special occasion, etc.
Distance in Your Relationship
This may be the most common sign of a cheating
spouse, them distancing themselves from you.
Spending less time with one another, sharing less
information with each other, constant arguing and
disagreeing may all be signs you have an unfaithful
spouse. If your significant other has met someone
else, they may feel like they are losing some of the
feelings they have for you, and you might be able to
tell, even if they aren’t coming out and saying it.
Which leads us to our next sign :
They Might Tell You About Their New “Friend”
This may sound stupid, but it isn’t uncommon for a
cheating husband or wife to tell their spouse about
their affair, usually unintentionally. Since families
generally share how their day was with each other,
a cheating spouse may tell their partner about a
new “friend” they met, or have been hanging out
with.  They think since their husband or wife already
knows that they are spending time with this new
person, that they can’t possibly be accused of
having an affair because they told you about it!
They may use statements like “We’re just friends”,
even if they haven’t been asked about
their relationship with this new “friend”, and it
usually means there’s more there than just a
simple friendship.
If you suspect your husband, wife, fiance, girlfriend,
or boyfriend of cheating, and you aren’t sure, you
may want to pay closer attention to their habits and
how they interact with you, you may find out the
answer yourself!


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