Thursday, 11 December 2014

CONFESSION TIME: Her past gets me upset, but i still love her.

I am a Virgin Male and I really like this girl but i find
myself getting really upset and angry at the fact she
has had a sexual history that didn’t involve me now
she has given me a number of former partners but i
feel this is way low and also she may have been
into so other stuff like 3 somes or sex with other
while most guys would like the thought of this i feel
this uncontrollable rage at even the thought of it i
can’t explain it better than that it feels to me like
she is a whore and i want nothing to do with her
and i am disgusted by it i value intimacy and
connection and the though of her having casual sex
withou any of those things just makes me mad
maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she was in love with
the person and they were together now i don’t
particularly like this anyways and i wish i was her
first as she would be my first but the thought of her
just hooking up with one or more people just to be
deviant makes me really angry and i just can’t get
over it which i hate because i am really falling hard
for her i have a feeling she may have had history
with swinging also which is just as bad maybe even
worse when i look at her sometimes when thinking
this i just see some sort of diseased unclean
person and i hate myself for thinking this way i am
so conflicted about everything. Please how can I kick this thoughts out of my head?


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