Monday, 1 December 2014

Infidelity warning signs : How to know if your spouse is cheating on you.

You may be suspicious about your partner's
behaviour because you can - or suspect you can
- see the signs of infidelity. If so, it's totally
understandable if you're feeling scared and/or
Your partner might deny all, whilst you know that
something isn't right - there are signs you can't
stop thinking about. You may have tried to deny it
to yourself for a while. However, it's very likely
that you're becoming increasingly distressed and
worried about the meaning of all the strange
behaviours or conversations.
Stick with me , because you're very likely to need
someone to tell you that you're not going mad.
Oh... and I've got a great video further on in this
article how to spot a liar.
Be sure to also visit my pages on Surviving
Infidelity and Interpreting Body Language (see
links at the end of the article), where you'll find a
really interesting video clip with Dr Helen Fisher.
She explains the systems in the brain which are
involved with love, lust and attachment.
However, you're probably here because your
relationship or marriage isn't working, so just
before we continue, please do check out How to
Save Your Marriage/Relationship . I'll still be here
when you come back.
What are the infidelity warning
- 7 things to look out for in your
Nothing I can say or write will give you a definite
answer and I really want you to be careful not to
jump to conclusions about the signs of infidelity.
However, a combination of the following signs that
your partner is cheating are what you should be
looking for. These things might indicate that your
partner could possibly be having an affair...
1. Body language (see below the link to non-verbal
2. What is said and what is left out
3. How it is said
4. Actions that don’t fit his or her values and beliefs
5. Behaviour that is 'out of the ordinary'
6. Secrecy around the use of mobile phones and
7. Unusual questions about your whereabouts (of
course he or she could be planning a surprise for
you, but it could also be a sign of infidelity)
8. Unfortunately, I'm really sorry to have to point this
out, but the evidence may be found by checking
out your sexual health, if all was well before
Here's my latest page on the Signs of a Cheating
Wife or Husband .
I know it's difficult to be confronted with the signs
that might indicate you have a cheating spouse.
You may have your worst fears confirmed.
Because of this, I'd really love you to explore all
my other pages on this website too - I've got
loads of help and advice that can help you deal
with it all.
Also, in case you're suffering from depression ,
then I'd really love to help you to do something
about that now. I so don't want you to simply wait
for the situation to deteriorate - it'll only get worse
if you do find out that your partner is cheating.
You deserve better, so make sure that you avoid
another layer of suffering. I recommend you look for a marriage or relationship councilor. Or buy some books on relationship. Enjoy your day dear..


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