Monday, 1 December 2014

Man Discovers His Wife of 19yrs Used To Be A Man, Says He Feels Assaulted

A Belgian man is currently in court trying to
dissolve his 19 years old marriage to his wife
following his discovery that she was a man.
The 64 year old simply identified as Jan says
that he feels assaulted when he found out
that his Indonesian wife, Monica is a
transsexual. He met Monica in 1993 during
troublesome times in his second marriage
and fell in love with her.
They later got married and according to him
she even pretended to menstruate by using
sanitary pads. He later made the shocking
discovery when a family of his wife told him
she had actually been born a boy. So
devastating was the news that he is said to be
undergoing psychiatric treatment. His
request to have her ejected from the house
was denied by a court but the marriage
annulment proceedings is still in court.


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