Monday, 8 December 2014

PHOTO: See 42-yr-old woman that's in JSS1 with Her Son

Mrs. Juliana Godwin, a 42-year-old Junior
Secondary School I (JSSI) student of Junior
Secondary School, Gosa, Abuja, has become one of
those persons with strong will to change her
Mrs. Godwin, who hails from Riyom in Riyom Local
Government Area of Plateau State, had her
education stalled by lack of sponsorship, a situation
that made her to drop out, in 1983, of LEA Primary
School, Riyom.
“I had to leave for Jos in 1983, since my father
could no longer sponsor my education to secondary
school because he had no money. While I was with
my cousin, I enrolled in a tailoring shop to learn
dress making. I completed it within a year and six
months”, she told Sunday Vanguard.
In 2001, she and her children left Jos to join her
husband in Abuja, where they live at Gosa village,
along Airport Road.
An industrious woman, Godwin became the bread-
winner of her family. Since had skill in hair plaiting,
that became a source of livelihood for her and the
family. Later she ventured into hawking of water in
a basin in Gosa market to boost the family’s
“In 2003, I was able to save some money from
water hawking. I started pepper and tomato
business with N1,000 from the savings. I also went
into corn roasting business, but my husband
stopped me from the business in 2007,” she said.
In 2008, Godwin decided to go into vocational
training with a non-governmental organisation
called Refocusing Nigerian Talents Organisation,
RENITO, where she was trained in soap (liquid,
medicated and bar), pomade and disinfectants
production. “Now I can produce and sell the
products I was trained on, and I started with
N1,500”, Mrs. Godwin narrated.
“I came to realise that the business was lucrative
and helpful to me and my family. I decided to make
savings towards going back to school after I
dropped out in 1983. “My husband was against my
decision and quarrelled seriously with me. But I
didn’t give up on my decision. In 2013, I went on to
enrol at Junior Secondary School, Gosa, Airport
Road, Abuja, where I started in JSS I F. I was able
to raise N10, 000 to pay for admission expenses.
“Why I decided to start from JSSI was because I
had never in my life stepped into the four walls of a
secondary school. I told myself I will start from JSS
I, as it will help me to have the foundation of
secondary school education and to understand what
I would be taught.


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