Thursday, 11 December 2014

SHOCKED! Pope Francis claims there is no God

Pope Francis shocked the Catholic world today
announcing that he plans on stepping down from his
position. Papal Resignation is extremely rare, and
this will only be the 7th time in the history of the
church. Pope Francis made his announcement from
his balcony in Vatican City to thousand of shocked
“I have come to the conclusion there is no God,”
said Pope Francis, a man who has become known
for his unorthodox views on the Catholic church. “I
have dedicated my life to the church. Clearly, so
many wasted years of unanswered prayers. I can
no longer in good faith head the church anymore, as
whatever spirit that had filled my heart is gone.”
A shocked crowd of onlookers became extremely
quiet as the Pontiff continued, many of whom openly
“I will stay on long enough for another Pope to be
chosen, of course. I know many of you will be
upset, but please be happy for me and my new life.
I plan on spending my remaining years traveling,
maybe finding a good woman and settling down.
Hell, maybe even a good man. Who knows? It’s a
new day, and I solemnly believe that everyone
should choose to live their life the way they want. I
wish you all the best and don’t let my decision stop
you from believing in an imaginary God, if that’s
what you want to do.”
”Pope Francis’ decision comes as no surprise to
Vatican insiders, his hard-line stance on altar boy
molestation, his generosity to the poor, and his
blessing of gay marriage have made unpopular
among priests of the church,” says Vatican reporter
Francesco Rinaldi. “Some say the Pope was being
blackmailed to step down by Church officials.
Whatever the reason, most look forward to his
departure so the Church can get back to business
as usual – hating gays and bashing sinners.” we got this from Empire News and we cannot really say if its true or not. Whatever it is, salvation is an individual thing. Enjoy.


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