Saturday, 3 January 2015

CONFESSION TIME: I get very bisexual every 2-6 months

I'll start by stating, I'm not really attracted to males. I tried once to date one once, at 16, but realized I wasn't interested in any type of romantic relationship with one. But from 15 till I was 22 I fantasized (obsessed) about sucking cock.
At 22 I found a discreet friend, and once a year, we'd meet up, trade oral, I even let him fuck me once. But during the first session, I realized as soon as I would cum, that I was appalled and disgusted with myself. Up until that point I would do Anything. So, every encounter I'd just make sure to finish him first.
A few years ago I broke it off, he became dirty. So tonight I'm just ranting. With no bisexual release to be found, I can't get it out of my head. And I don't really like being this way, but tonight, just wish I had a guy to visit (no not trying to get one from here either)


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