Saturday, 11 April 2015




19:03, 1323

In the 5th year of the 2nd decade,

In the 2nd millennia,

After the Crucifixion of our Lord and Brother

This work is dedicated to all
Who refuse to quit,
And understand the pain of defeat
And the joy of eventual victory.................


The ones who refuse to fail;

Who about the pain of wounds wail;

The scars testifiers to courage;

Courage, that speaks of attended rage.


Rage, given expression by daring acts;

Acts that defy thoughts;

Thoughts of seemingly insane sorts;

Sorted with Lucifer in bloody pacts!


Bloody scars; tell tale tags of resistant Generals;

Eventual themes of storytellers’ tales;

Gallantry redefined, Laurellers and Achievers

The ones who refuse to fail………The merely Defeated.


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