Sunday, 26 April 2015

UNBELIEVABLE: See the first underwear made out of real human hair

Nina Sparr, a woman of Swedish decent, uses authentic human hair to create some of her unique
products. This woman obviously threw  multi-million pound industry into confusion with this unique take on female undergarments.
This woman has made underwear made from all kinds of 100% human hair, sourced from different
parts of the country.
"It's a bit special. They are knitted by 100% human hair and it is not mixed with anything else
or coloured," she told Swedish website Expressen.
"There is hair that comes from salons, and clients of mine who have donated because I work with
them full time."
Sparr reveals that she won't be taking on Ann Summers just yet, because the quirky pants –
which have been tried and tested by models – are far from comfortable .
"The hair sticks of course a bit. For hair is a mess.
You know, like when you have your hair cut at the
hairdresser and it falls down in your sweater and then sticks."
This has yet to deter the creative designer and ship owner as she continues to use hair to knit
together a variety of items including jewellery, paintings and purses.
Her products have already created a buzz in her home town with Sparrs even receiving custom orders such as a bridal crown made from the wife-
to-be's actual locks.
"It becomes so personal when it is your own hair," Sparr said. "If, for example, you are getting
married and have your own hair when ordering a bridal crown. It's incredibly personal, and therefore
it has lots of emotion in it."


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