Sunday, 7 December 2014

A 53-Year Old Man Escapes Death Penalty For Killing Stepdaughter & Having Sex w/ Corpse

Sick. Just, sick
Somehow, some way, the Northampton County
District Attorney has decided that the case of 53-
year old Gregory Graf. who murdered his
stepdaughter and had sex with her corpse, isn’t a
capital one. In other words, no death penalty for
Graf. Apparently, Pennsylvania law does not
consider sex with a corpse to be enough of an
aggravating factor to warrant capital charges.
Either way, the news is disturbing enough. The
victim, Jessica Padgett, went missing on
November 1st, just 5 days after she was married.
Less than a week later, authorities discovered
Padgett’s body buried on the property that Graf
shared with the Padgett’s mother. Prosecutors
also added that Graf filmed the fatal encounter, and
prosecutors used said videotape to help to confirm
Graf’s version of the events that took place.


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