Sunday, 21 December 2014

CONFESSION TIME: I am a Married man but i have strong feelings for another woman

I am a husband and father very torn by my
feelings. My marriage is great with the
exception of sex. We are each other’s best
friend but I recently admitted to not feeling a
sexual attraction for my wife. We are in the
process of working through this.
There is a woman I’ve been working with for
two years who I have a fondness for but it had
been nothing more than a simple crush. Very
controllable feelings. We never ever interacted
with each other outside of work. She recently
quit her job and is the process of relocating. A
few months later my wife and I also decided to
relocate. While we had a very specific area in
mind, my coworker did not. On top of that, she
got married in whirlwind fashion to someone
outside the country. She and I have been
communicating regularly about our respective
job searches. During that time I found our new
found friendship so enjoyable. I also became
aware of the fact that my feelings were growing
I found a new job and so did she….. in the
same area (we both have family in that area).
My feelings for her have developed so much
that I am trying to determine if I should tell her
how I feel. This is the first time I have ever met
anyone who made me question my devotion to
my wife. Despite my lack of sexual desire for
my wife, I have never been unfaithful. I have
these bottled up feelings and they are tearing
me up. I want her! I don’t even know what she
thinks about me but I think about her so much!
I know I should discontinue the friendship but I
don’t want to. I want to know if she feels
anything for me.


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