Friday, 26 December 2014

CONFESSION TIME: I wish i could kill myself.

I am so tired of being poor. My husband has been
unemployed for 8 months now and cannot find work
and I am disabled. Every penny of his
unemployment and my disability go for our bills. We
have .12 left at the end of every month. We have not
been able to buy any food for months, yet we make
too much to get any help. I only eat once a day and
that is just ramen noodles or something a family
member gives us. I am so tired of living like this
and being depressed all of the time. I got rid of
every bill that we did not need and the rest are
utilities or loans. We even make too much now to
get heating assistance because the state lowered
the income guidelines. I know my situation is not as
terrible as some; at least I have a roof over my
head, but it is like a prison to me. I can't even afford
gas in my car to go anywhere. I don't know what to
do anymore. Why does life have to hurt so bad?


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