Friday, 26 December 2014

FUNNY : (PHOTO) meet A Woman that is Devastated After Waking Up From Surgery To Find She’s Not Nicki Minaj

A woman, Jayci Underwood, recently woke up
from surgery and gave the internet its new favorite
viral video. After undergoing a dental procedure a
woman woke up and began to sob, saying she
expected to be Nicki Minaj when she woke up.
“I just wanted to be her when I woke up.” The man
at her bedside replied, “you’re still pretty though,”
to which the woman retorted, “not like Nicki.”
It appears that the woman is just feeling the
effects of some pretty thorough post-op drugs, and
she continued on to detail exactly what she
envisioned in her Nicki fantasy. “I just wanted to
have her butt, and her face.”
The worst part? “I’m still white!”
Despite playing along and keeping the
conversation light, there’s no doubt in our minds
the real job here, on the part of the man at this
woman’s bedside, was to not burst into fits of
laughter. We wonder if Nicki’s seen this. It’s
certainly flattering. Watch the full revelation above.


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