Monday, 29 December 2014

LOL: China arrests thousands in porn purge

HONG KONG – China has arrested over 30,000
people in connection with the spread of
pornography and online gambling, the official Xinhua
news agency reported.
According to the agency a recent effort in the
populous southern Guangdong region saw over
3,000 arrests and 8,000 people put in criminal
Earlier this month Xinhua said that 11 Internet firms
including Tencent and Baidu would be fined for
spreading pornography and violence. The scale of
the fines was not revealed. In May this year was fined RMB5.1 million ($831,000) for
“unhealthy and indecent content.”
The arrests and fines are part of a campaign to
clean up the Internet that began in April and
intensified over the last two months. The move is
paralleled by a crackdown on freedom of
expression since Xi Jinping became president in


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