Monday, 1 December 2014

LADIES : How To Stop Being The Jealous Girlfriend

The stars have aligned and you’ve found
someone who makes your heart go thump-
thump-thump. Go you!
Everything about your sweetie from the sound of
his voice to his gorgeous eyes leave you in
Swoon City. But, um, why is he talking to that
skank? And, er, who’s the new blonde chick with
cheap extensions all up in his Facebook page?
Does he really have to be BFFs with a Ke$ha
Slowwwww dowwn, hot stuff. You are in the
JDZ, Jealousy Danger Zone. Luckily, we caught
it early and you can inch your way back to the
other side of the street (also known as SANITY)
when your pride, dignity and sense of self-worth
Jealousy can be confusing. We wonder, isn’t it
totally natural to feel a twinge of the green
monster when you love someone? Well, sure,
we all feel a tad obsessive at times regarding
the folks we love. However, when we’re secure
in ourselves we don’t feel a need to act on
these twinges.
Insecurity is never sexy – and being the jealous
girlfriend is about as insecure as you can get.
Here’s how NOT to become the jelly-girl that
guys–and girls–can’t stand.
1. Believe in yourself.
It’s no miracle that your crush likes you back.
You’re quite a catch, girlie. With everything that
you bring to the party, who wouldn’t like you?
You’re the shizz and it’s time you knew that.
2. Trust your BF or GF.
All relationships are built on trust. Give your love
life a strong start by picking someone who
seems trustworthy to begin with. If you’re dating
the school player then you may be setting
yourself up to be played. If you’ve chosen
someone worthy of all of YOUR fabulosity, then
you should trust that they have eyes for only
3. Talk it out.
Communication is KEY to romantic happiness. If
something your sweetie is doing makes you
uncomfortable, speak up! It’s normal and
healthy to ask questions. It’s NOT healthy to
obsess or repeatedly accuse someone of
cheating or other love misdemeanors, however.
If you don’t trust the person you’re dating, it’s
better to move on that to go all Jealous Jessie. I
know you know what I mean.
4. Social media is for socializing, not stalking.
Repeatedly scanning somebody’s Facebook or
twitter account for conversations and
connections is unhealthy. Being in a relationship
doesn’t mean becoming a detective. If you feel
that you have to investigate your BF then
something is wrong.
The bottom line: jealousy ain’t cute! Being
secure within yourself means being secure
within your relationship. Always remember that
confidence is the sexiest trait you can have. Oh,
and if you’re dating someone who goes out of
his way to make you jealous on purpose, RUN,
girl, RUN!
Have you ever been a jealous girlfriend? Do you
know any girls who are a jealous girlfriend but
don’t realize it? Do you have trouble trusting
your boyfriend? Tell us everything in the
comments .


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