Monday, 1 December 2014

LOL..Famous entertainment lies in 2014 - written by Onyeka Ibeanusi

Article written by musician and social
commentator, Onyeka Ibeanusi. Read below...
With the new trend of getting noticed at all
cost, many Nigerian entertainers have
stepped up their game in the show off
business. They have seized every micro and
macro opportunities to flaunt their expensive
and luxurious lifestyles. Instagram is now the
new studios and movie locations. We find
more celebrity activities on instagram than
the real life situation. Many have shown their
cars, wrist watches and many other material
acquisitions. Now lets move away from the
show off to the lies that we were told by
entertainers this year. Continue...
In January, Limpopo master Kcee announced to
the world that he had sealed a deal worth about
N25m to feature American star Nicki Minaj. Kcee
who attended the Grammy Awards with label mate
Mr Songs sent the entertainment world into frenzy
when he made that known.
"We are in the USA trying to get some
collaboration done. It is true we are in the process
of doing a song with Nicki Minaj, and that news
was leaked by an agent to the media.We actually
wanted it to be a surprise for the fans, but since
it’s out there now; we plan on taking it bigger"
"We want to seal another artist from YMCMB that
is bigger than Nicki Minaj. She’s already sealed to
be on the track, but now that everyone knows,
we’re still going to surprise the fans by getting
another person from YMCB."
Nigerians and fans of Kcee are yet to get even a
snippet of that song, well DiarisGod.
Starboy CEO and one of Nigeria's most celebrated
young stars Wizkid dropped the bombshell in an
interview when he said he wrote a song for
American superstar Rihanna. Wizkid who in reality
associates with top American stars like Chris
Brown has had a great career so far and even
released a new album 'Ayo'. We are waiting to hear
Riri speak Yoruba and pidgin in her next song.
Yea, I went to the studio to write something for her,
she was in the studio as well, big shout out to
Rihanna, so we made something together hopefully
it gets picked. We’ll still do more stuffs together,
you know she’s a cool person, I’m going back to
Los Angeles so definitely I’m going to get back in
the studio with her again.’...
Africa's foremost twin celebs P-square raised the
hope of their fans early this year when Peter
announced the soon to be released animated
series 'The Alingos'. We are yet to see the
cartoons even though they have blamed the failure
of the project on their disagreement at a time.
"To herald the launch of The Alingos, the brothers
are releasing a teaser – an animated music video
for their hit single ‘Unlimited’. It is the first high
quality animated video in Nigeria and by extension
the whole of Africa. This animated music video is
100% Nigerian; no foreign inputs and is created in
High Definition with superior picture and sound
quality, as expected from the duo. The production
quality compares to anywhere in the world.
The public and fans of P-Square will get to watch
the ‘Unlimited’ animated video as well as The
Alingos (when it hits the screens) by first
downloading the P-Square app (P2) due for
release next week."
9ice has never hidden his political ambition. The
Gongo aso hit singer who is gunning for a house of
Reps slot said he was done wiyh music and was
making a full plunge into politics this year. 9ice
has stepped up his campaign and awareness
programs but shockingly, when his fans thought he
was done, he released a new single recently.
“I’m leaving music, I need to go into something
more challenging”
“Music is no longer competitive for me, I’ve done
all that needs to be done in music”
Five star artist Mr Songs popularly known as
Harrysongs drew so much attention in an interview
when he said his parents were related, a statement
he later denied.
“It’s just that after my dad and my mum gave birth
to me, they separated and went their different
ways. So, my father got married to another woman
and also my mother to another man. They
separated because I was given birth to by two
relations. My father and mother are actually
brother and sister. They gave birth to me before
they could realize that.Well, I learnt that when my
mother was alive, she met my father. Then she
was still in school and they were in the same
class and the same village. But she didn’t know
that they are closely related. So, I was born based
on what our villagers regarded as abomination and
therefore they had to separate. Because it was a
big abomination, so they had to separate. Even,
they attempted to kill my father in that village, but
he fled, because in Warri where I come from, it is
a taboo. They termed it incest.”
By Onyeka Kerous Ibeanusi
Musician/Writer/social commentator


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