Tuesday, 2 December 2014

UNBELIEVABLE: Man blindfolds his students and spoon feeds them with sperm (semen).

A Los Angeles elementary school teacher has
pleaded guilty to a series of despicable acts of
abuse on his students such as blindfolding them
and forcing them to eat cookies laced with his own
NY Daily News reports that Mark Berndt pleaded
guilty last Friday to abusing 30 students at
Miramonte Elementary School for roughly twenty
The 62-year-old was caught after a photo
technician reported dozens of photos of blindfolded
third graders Berndt told him to develop.
Investigators searched Berndt’s classroom and
found semen on a spoon in a trash can.
Prosecutors said Berndt used the semen-laced
cookies for “tasting games” with students. This got
him fired from the school in 2011.
When Berndt appealed his suspension, NY Daily
News reports, the
Los Angeles Unified School District actually paid
him $40,000 to drop the appeal, a move officials
said was the best way to ensure he wouldn’t be a
threat to other children.
The district has settled 63 cases involving Berndt,
with 71 still pending.
The guilty plea for all 23 charges will send Berndt to
prison for 25 years.
“He’s going to jail essentially for the rest of his life,”
the attorney for the students and their parents told
the Associated Press. “You can’t ask for more than
Some of the sobbing mothers in court room
revealed that their daughters would no longer eat
anything sweet unless they watched their mothers
bake it for them and are now socially unstable,
constantly locking themselves in their bedrooms.
Some had even developed eating disorders as a
result of the abuse.
The district had reportedly received reports of
Berndt abusing students since the 90s, but did not
follow through on them until the police got involved.
Just after Berndt’s arrest in 2011, the district put
virtually all members of the faculty on temporary
When the new school year began six months later,
43 returned to a re-structured Miramonte with a
new principal.
The rest either retired or found jobs at different
schools. Nobody was accused of any crimes.
According to the NY Daily News, another Miramonte
teacher, Martin Springer, is currently awaiting trial
for a 2009-case involving a second-grader whom
authorities said he touched inappropriately in class.


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