Tuesday, 2 December 2014

CONFESSION TIME: I Am In Love With My Sister

I know some of you will instantly dismiss this as a
joke or whatever but, despite what you may believe,
everything I am about to admit here is true.
I am at present, 33 years old and for the past eleven
years I have been in love with my younger half-
sister. She is at present, 24 years old and we share
the same father.
We first met when I was 22 and she was 13. I
honestly didn’t even know she existed until my
father got a letter in the mail from her one day
saying that she was having troubles with her mom
and would like to meet her dad.
When her and I first met it was kind of awkward. I’m
sure most can imagine that it would be a bit of a
shock to suddenly meet a sibling you never even
knew existed. Over the next year or so however,
her and I grew very close to one another. Strangely,
I felt a very strong bond with her that I had never
felt with anyone before or since and I wanted to be
around her as often as possible. We never did
anything inappropriate with one another and at that
time intimate thoughts about my sister had never
even crossed my mind. I simply enjoyed her
presence and her company.
She was always very sweet and beautiful and fun to
joke around with. She was also intelligent beyond
her years and had no problems holding a
conversation with myself and others in my same
age group. We would always sit up on the couch at
night and she would cuddle close to me while we
watched movies together, and on more than one
occasion she would come into my bedroom late at
night because she either had a bad dream, heard
something that scared her or she just didn’t want to
sleep alone. I can still remember how perfect it felt
when I would wrap my arms around her and how I
just knew that it comforted her and made her feel
Again, there was never any kind of sexual or
otherwise inappropriate contact between us. I would
never allow that line to be crossed! She was, after
all, still a child at that point and in addition to the
illegality of statutory rape, humans who take
advantage of children in such a way are not even
worthy of the dog shit in the tread of a dead hobo’s
Having grown up under extremely adverse
circumstances myself, I felt it was my responsibility
to deflect all of my father’s negative tendencies
away from her and back onto me in some sort of
attempt to shield her from the abuse that I knew my
dad was capable of.
When I was just a few months away from turning
24 I met an amazing, beautiful woman and left
everything and everyone else, including my sister,
behind. Over the past ten years, however, I was
never able to keep my sister out of my thoughts.
Every single day, no matter where I was or what
was happening, no matter how much I loved my
girlfriend or how happy we were together, I always
wondered after my sister; how she was doing?
where was she? was she happy?
I spoke with her briefly a few times over the phone
during that time apart but it was always awkward
and uncomfortable due to the fact that my girlfriend
sensed that there was something more between my
sister and I than there should have been.
Finally, this past Thanksgiving, after ten years I got
to see her again, and as soon as I did I instantly fell
back in love! When we embraced each other in a
hug it was truly the best I’ve felt in over a decade.
The way she felt in my arms, the smell of her hair,
the sound of her voice when she softly spoke “its
so good to see you again, I missed you”. My heart
melted and I knew within that three second span of
time that I would forever be doomed to a life of heart
ache and sorrow because I could never love
another person as deeply as I do my sister.
I have never told her how I truly feel about her and I
probably never will. I know that if I did it would
completely alienate her from me and would cause
so much tension that it would be irreconcilable. I
love her enough to suffer silently within myself in
order to spare her the level of discomfort and
confusion that the admission of my love would
The love I pine for is forbidden and this is my
confession. I am in love with my sister and nothing
can ever change that fact.
No man has the right to judge me for any of this!
For my feelings are mine and mine alone. The pain
of holding this all inside and not being able to tell her
my true feelings is killing me! Hmmm winningtimers, the ball is now in your court o, please let's advice this bros in a cool manner. No insults please!


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