Friday, 9 January 2015

CONFESSION TIME: I can see into the bedroom of the couple next door to me and I watch.

For the last year I've been living in a 1st floor flat of a Victorian house in London. It's in a terrace and the view from my kitchen at the back of the house affords a near perfect view of the next door neighbours bedroom.
I iron a shirt every morning for work. When I first moved in I set up the ironing board in the kitchen and noticed activity out of the window as the couple next door got up and started their day.
The angle of my flat to theirs is such that it would be very difficult for them to see if they are being overlooked. the angle is very much to the observers advantage.
Ever since I've been clocking their activities and been a casual, consistent observer. I know their schedule, who gets up first (she does), how long it takes them to get ready, shower and their breakfasting habits. I know that when they're both out of the room that their cat has a habit of jumping up on the bedside table and drinking from their glass of water.
The girl (mid 30's, attractive, curvy) finishes her shower and then comes back into the bedroom (I can only see the bedroom - the bathroom is opaque glass and they have a blind) and starts to get ready pretty much in front of the window (better light for her make up, hair etc).
If our mutual timings coincide, I see her get dressed. The blind is always open as is the bedroom light (it's winter in London and dark in the mornings). She keeps her dressing gown on when she puts on her jeans (or her tights and skirt combo) so I don't get to see much of the heavy action (occasional leg, flash of arse). But I do often get to see her put her bra on, flashes of side boob, bare back, glimpse of flesh.
This morning was the best yet. She stood by the side of her bed, removed her dressing gown and afforded me a great view of her bare breasts before she put her bra on.
I only take advantage of this in a morning when I iron my shirt. Some mornings their schedule changes (or mine does) and their blind stays down or we miss each other. I confess I sometimes stretch out the time it takes to iron my shirt if I get the sense that we're going to get to the interesting part. Sometimes I get annoyed that she's taking too long to moisturise and not enough time getting dressed. I've seen her husband in the knack a few times as well (though this isn't my thing). I've never seen them have sex. Mostly I just get mild titillation from that fleeting, occasional glimpse of a breast.
I'm moving house in a few weeks so this will be an end of my voyeurism. I've enjoyed it. I don't feel bad about it.


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