Wednesday, 14 January 2015

CONFESSION TIME: I love my cat more than my boyfriend

Dear winningtimers, i wish i could help this situation but i think its totally beyond me.
i love my boyfriend but I've never been passionate about him.
he doesn't give me butterflies, i don't get jealous of him. he's a crappy
listener, and he's generally untidy. he continue repulses me but i don't
tell him because i wouldn't hurt him on purpose. but sometimes he pulls
out the meanest most toxic thoughts I've ever manifested. i would never
speak them but sometimes i want to. i think a lot about how my life would be
better if i wouldn't have met him. i love him but i'm not in love with him.
i wouldn't hurt him if i could help it but my life is hurting me. I think I m closer to my cat than I am to him. Maybe its because I spend more time with my cat than I do with him, guess I m gonna have to quit the relationship in the long run. Kinda confused though but breaking up with him would definitely b my last option.


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