Tuesday, 6 January 2015

CONFESSION TIME: I was dating my mom's best friend and now she's pregnant

I'm a 20 yo boy. Last year I started a secret relationship with my mom's best friend that I've called my aunt all my life. She's hot and sexy as hell and I've desired her since I was 16. I tried to seduce her for some months and finally she told me that she was falling in love with me and we had sex in her home. We've been dating twice or three times a week since then and last summer I lied my parents and told them I was going to a holiday weekend with some friends, but I spent three days in her home making love to her. Last Christmas she told me that something went wrong about her but now she's pregnant. Of course, we didn't tell my parents. I thought that maybe she had been cheating on me and she was pregnant of another man but I've been making some questions to some friends and relatives and I'm pretty sure she hadn't. When I phone her she's always crying and she told me yesterday that she wanted to marry me when the baby is born. I want to have sex with her all my fucking life because she's beautiful and sexy as a model but I'm not in love with her and I'm going to college next year and she's 39 years old. I cannot spend all the rest of my life with an older woman! I always thought it was only sex for fun. She was fucking a young man and I was fucking a hot older woman... but not the mother of my children!


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