Saturday, 3 January 2015

CONFESSION TIME: Mother cheated on dad with several guys *crying*

My mother used social media sites for a couple of years now, but about 8-9 months ago she started flirting with random strangers on there. She told me about it (still don't understand why she talk about that with her 15 year old son) and it obviously pissed me off a bit, but I wasn't going hysterical over it. That changed pretty quickly, since flirting turned into sexting. When I found out about that, I completely broke down, and after a while talked about it with her. She promised that she would stop, that it wouldn't get physical. Guess what happened next. Someday in august (i think it was a friday, I'm not sure), she went to a hotel for the weekend with one the guys she had been sexting with. Both me and dad knew about it. That made dad furious, so the next few days after she returned were pretty bad. Something broke in me when she walked out that door. I lost all my respect and empathy for her. This has since become a routine in our household. It broke the family. My dad would divorce her, but since we're living in central europe (Czech republic) with a 1500 dollar income, we would probably lose everything and we would have to pay my mother money every month (since she doesn't have a job), which would make us homeless. I still appreciate how she helped me last year, when I had a mental breakdown (OCD, suicidal thoughts) but now I'm not really sure if I want to be here anymore. My dad is also feeling the same way, it has destroyed him. The worst thing about this? When she meets her fck buddies, she PAYS FOR THE MOTEL ROOM USING DAD'S MONEY, which he makes working his ass off every day meanwhile she is sitting on the couch at home, watching HBO and arranging meets with her fck buddies. She doesn't care about me, she doesn't care about my dad, she only cares about f*cking. There much more to this, I still haven't told you stories about how she used my father for the last 15 years and actually stole money from his wallet several times, but now I think I need a few joints to calm myself down. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I'm just lost..


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