Monday, 19 January 2015

Don’t Ever Go Into Marriage With These 8 Kinds Of Men

It’s every girl’s dream to one day get married to that man that would make her happy and make her life better. Believe it or not, marriage is a big
issue when it comes to a girl’s life, no matter how successful she is or how indifferent she seems to marriage, she wants it bad. The society, and even families have actually not made it any better. So ladies of a certain age begin to worry and become anxious about wearing a ring and walking the aisle in a white dress .In the process due to poor judgement and not hearing from God, some
ladies have jumped into marriages that has brought about their downfall. For the single ladies,
here is a list of men though you met them in church or at a charity event or at the hospital waiting on sick and deformed children or that glorious place where only good guys go to , albeit well spoken and wealthy that you should never say I DO to.

This brother thinks he is God’s gift to women, he is
calculating, well spoken ,tactical. A smooth
operator. He goes about proposing to ladies and
convincing them, it is a special mystical
attraction, something beautiful , beyond you and I,
and for the very spiritual ladies ,it is the will of
God, only to go back on his word when he sees
another lady he believes is better than the last one.
He has a sugar coated tongue and can talk himself
out of any situation. “It is you not me,” ” i just need
sometime alone to get myself together”, ” i don’t
think, i am good enough for you”, Most times he
even extorts money from the ladies , promising to
give it back because his check has been delayed,
his clients has not paid, his dog died or in the
name of God’s will. From such, run.

To the freakish and wayward lady he may appear
fun to be with, he is always talking about
sexually related topics and cracking dirty jokes, he
indulges in pornographic materials, he believes
women are meant to cook and be slept with only.
He believes sex is a recreation, and so pays no
mind to how many partners he has had, would ask
for sex before marriage and has no plans to buy a
ring but prefers a live in lover and would simply
claim it is a test of compatibility. Most of his
friends are just like him, perverts!; they would
gather after work and talk about their many
victorious conquests and if he eventually decides
to marry , getting married to this brother would
lead you down the path of heartbreak, misery, sin
and disease.

This mummy’s boy is in most cases a carbon
copy of his mother and is tied to her Apron. All
decisions have to be made by his  mother, mummy
said this, mummy said that, he would constantly
compare you to his mother. You would soon
discover that you are married to his mother. Why
you should also never get married to a man who
has no regard for his mother, don’t put yourself in
the bondage of having a mother in law influenced
marriage. This group also includes the weakling,
who cannot put his foot down but would allow all
members of his family treat his wife like a foot mat,
seeing nothing wrong in the disrespect of his wife
by his friends, and family alike. This kind of
marriage is very heartbreaking as the wife might
eventually lose all self esteem and worth or be in a
constant battle with her own extended family.

This brother is always chasing money at the
expense of having good relationship with even his
family members, in some cases he may be a nice
man, but his priority is first any thing that brings
money even at the expense of having a good
relationship with anyone even God, you would
constantly feel alone in that marriage and you
would have the sole responsibility of raising your
kids. He would give you money but money we
know is not everything. Run from the workhaholic.

This Man (lone Ranger) has issues with all his
family members , his place of work and he does
things solely on his own.He is his own mentor and
he looks up to nobody, he rates himself by himself
for himself. This type of man is one of the most
dangerous men to marry because your life, career,
vision, everything would be at his mercies. This
kind of man also tend to be abusive because they
are answerable to no one but themselves.

This brother is also close to the lone ranger, he
seems to be nice and considerate sometimes but
afterwards you discover that the only opinion that
counts is his. His words are louder than his
actions. He has his whole life planned out and you
are supposed to just fit in or there would be
trouble, he sees your thoughts, ideas and opinions
as inferior to his. He is a vision killer. marrying you
would just be something on his bucket list, then
you would also need to fulfill another , which is all
what he believes and wants you to be to him. He is
simply a dictator not a husband.This kind of man
would also occasionally hit his wife or fiancee.( Let
abuse be a tie breaker in whatever relationship
you are in). Sometimes this brother comes around
with a drinking addiction, or drug habit. From such

This brother is slow, always inactive, prefers to be
fed in Bed, has no focus, or clearly cut goals, has
a non-chalant attitude to everything around, finds
it difficult to keep his house, his clothes or even
his car clean, tends to be disorganized and
clumsy, this lazy drone needs just about 3 helps
not a wife.

This brother lives in the “notice me” world, he can
do anything for people as long as it is in public and
people would like him at the expense of his own
family, or even himself. This is the kind of man that
can take his female colleague or boss to the
grocery store or Main markets to buy things while
his own wife or family member would take a cab.
He goes to clean other peoples’ yard while his is
dirty because he wants to be seen and respected
by the public. You would be better off being the
public to this brother than being his family
Love is patient and kind but not blind. Pray for the
right man for you and also open your eyes and did
we also forget to mention that only the right lady
finds the right man. Be wise Sis. Kindly use the comment button if you have more tips to add.


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