Wednesday, 21 January 2015

MUST READ: How to approach a lady

This is sincerely a ``must read`` for guys!
Most times, Approaching a lady with the Intention of Making Your Feelings Known to Her, can be the most difficult thing for some guys, especially if he has genuine feelings for the lady. If you think you need extra help in approaching a
lady, carefully follow these steps below.. Enjoy!
Firstly, you can start by saying “Hey or Hello” After that, don’t just let everything out at once, pick up a conversation, you can start with something cool or funny. Just try to make her smile.
Secondly, When you're approaching a woman, make sure you comport yourself. Have a good body language. Make your body language to tell her that you’re calm and confident, even if your heart is pounding faster than it should. Make sure you're walking with a straight back, your head held high and your arms loose at your sides.
In addition, , If she’s with her friends, don’t be afraid, many guys try not to approach a woman who is hanging out at the party with her friends. Don’t be afraid, make it become an advantage. Making friends with her friends and being able to charm the group will even help them to recognize that you’re actually someone they would like to get to know, they will see you as a powerful person.
Finally, If at the end you get rejected, don’t take it personal, don't feel too down, just see it as you escaping what would have been the wrong relationship.


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