Wednesday, 11 March 2015

I wasn’t trying to seduce the President –Seyi Shay

Many entertainers have been having fun with
President Goodluck Jonathan in recent times.
The president, who was in Lagos last week, had
some interesting moments with some of the
Singer, Seyi Shay was among the entertainers and
the pretty diva ‘broke’ the Internet with the dress
she wore to meet the president at the event.
The picture where the singer, wearing an incredibly
short dress, while sitting beside the president,
went viral and so many fans and foes have
expressed their feelings concerning her outfit.
Muli Amidu: There is a way to appear before the
king and there are other ways not to appear before
him. There is apparel that is fit for a meeting with a
king and others that are impugning and insulting.
One is, however, not sure, if the President
considered Shay’s dress insulting as some people
Somebody: Recently, Obama hosted some
basketball players. The players wore suit and tie
except one who did not wear tie. The White House
referred to the dressing as “rude and improper.”
Prof: One thing I consider terrible about Nigerians
is their holier-than-thou attitude. Many of them
pretend to be angels in the public whereas they are
indecent people in the private.
Some marry underage girls while they preach
indecency in the public. Some people who
condemn Shay may have been doing things that
are more terrible in the private.
Concerned: There is a marked difference between
what happens behind closed doors and what
happens in the open. Where you put the two
together, it becomes diversionary.
Pheliciti: The issue is would the president have
tolerated her daughter if she dressed as Shay did.
Should he, as a Christian have corrected her?
Timothy: As a leader, there are things you say or
do to earn the respect of your followers. If he
advised her against such a dressing, it would have
gone a long way to show that he is a man of high
moral standards. But accepting her as one of those
things says a lot about the decadence of our
Begy Ozaluoku: Go to all the churches in the
country and see nudity in display. First, we should
correct ourselves before going out to lecture
others on morality.
Point Blank: But you should also remember that
your liberty and freedom terminates where another
person’s begins. If you are free to dress half-nude,
others have right to detest it.
Truthhurtsalot62: This is why we speak about the
need for a change. It is high time our women learnt
that they do not have to dress scantily in the name
of being famous.
Bimbo: I wonder when men will get off their moral
high horse and leave women to lead their lives.
Nigerian men chase anything in skirts and lack
respect for their wives. It is only when women are
concerned that everybody starts screaming a
I am an active pro-Buhari; I have even donated
twice to his campaign.
I want change as badly as well. But change has
nothing to do with Shay’s skirt. When men
misbehave, the heaven does not fall. But when it
involves a woman, it looks like the end of the
Keu4Success: Look at the little girl saying she only
wore that incredibly short dress for performance.
Does her African culture not teach her how to
present herself in the public and how to honour
people whom honour is due? Can she wear the
same dress to sit down with her dad?


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