Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Religion: I'm so Angry with god .

I have so much hatred in my heart for god. I have suffered much trauma in his name. My therapist actually says I have PTSD from religious abuse by my parents.
Have you ever read the comic Preacher? OK, my abuse wasn't quite that bad but it was more than 50% there.
There are websites out there that will send you a free bible. I've requested bibles from them just to burn them. Maybe I'm saving somebody from the horrors of god.
EDIT: I've received several PM's and I just want to clarify some of my experiences:
  • They found an AC/DC album I had hidden in a hole in the wall. I was subsequently "spanked" with a 2x4.
  • After coming home from visiting a friend, I had to be prayed over because I evidently brought home demons from my heathenly friend. They "spoke in tongues" and "laid hands" upon me while anointing me with virgin olive oil.
  • A couple times I told them they were crazy, which obviously must be a sign of the devil's influence, so they had me exorcised. Like as in a real exorcism. I faked the demons coming out of me to get it over with.
  • One summer I wasn't allowed to play with any of my cousins because my uncle caught me watching Spiderman on TV. He threw a fit about me being demonic and not wanting my influence on his children.
  • God doesn't like "smart alecs" and kids with a "dirty mouth." So I had bars of Zest soap grinded into my front teeth. Sometimes cayenne pepper was used instead.
  • Once I was caught "playing with myself" in the shower. The penalty was taking ice cold showers for a week. Oh, and lots of prayer. Of course, as a kid I'd just freak out from the cold water and try to escape the event and that just led to yelling about demons to get out of me.
  • God doesn't like bad grades in school. I got a D once in english and had to go out to pick a branch off the willow tree. I had to read verses from the bible while being whipped.
  • As a matter of fact, God dislikes bad grades so much they ordered the teacher's books from the same publisher my school used. That way they could give me the tests before they were given at school and grill me on the answers.
  • Once I peed myself for some reason. I don't remember. I was stuffed in a dark little closet only big enough for me to crouch in until bed time. So why wont i be angry with him? anyways, constructive response please.


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